Accountancy and finance

What do we offer?

These courses are aimed at the professional, looking to improve their skills in various areas such as budgeting, planning and forensic accounting.

Duration in days Course title Oct 16 Nov 16 Dec 16 Jan 17 Feb 17 Mar 17
3 Accounting & Finance for Non – Accountants 24th-26th 10th-12th
4 Accounting and Financial Management 24th-27th 23rd-26th
4 Budgeting & Financial Planning 7th-11th 6th-9th 6th-9th
3 Comprehensive International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Training 21st-23rd 24th-26th
4 Corporate Finance and Accounting 1st-3rd 6th-9th 6th-9th
3 Credit Management , Control & Collection Strategies 13th-15th
3 Financial Modelling Fundamentals 15th-17th 14th-16th 14th-16th
4 Advanced Financial & Decision Modelling 24th-27th 3rd -6th
4 Financial Reporting & Accounting Standards (IFRS) 14th-17th 13th-16th 13th-16th
4 Financial Statements Analysis (FSA) 24th-27th 9th-12th
4 IFRS for Banks & Financial Institutions 21st-24th 20th-24th 20th-23rd
4 IFRS for Oil & Gas Sector 28th-1st Dec 20th-24th 20th-23rd
3 Overview of Auditing & Forensic Accounting 17th-19th 28th-30th
3 Project Budgeting 20th-22nd
4 Strategic Cost & Profit Management 17th-20th 16th-19th
2 Treasury Management 24th-25th 25th-26th
4 Understanding IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) 18th-20th 19th-22nd